Champions League streaker Kinsey Wolanski makes cheeky come back to Instagram.

After initially fearing her daring Champions League run would amount to nothing, Kinsey Wolanski has netted a fantastic reward.
Kinsey Wolanski became an internet sensation after she ran onto the pitch during Liverpool’s victory.
Kinsey Wolanski is riding out of Spain a winner after having her Instagram account — complete with more than 2 million new followers — reactivated.

The X-rated prankster, who accomplished her biggest stunt so far by streaking during the Champions League final, declared her come back to social media on Wednesday morning (AEST) with a cheeky photograph of her straddling a lion statue in Madrid, which hosted the match. “Conquered Madrid,” she wrote. “What’s next?”
Wolanski’s following soared to over 2.5 million followers after she sprinted on to the pitch during Liverpool’s win against Tottenham in a skimpy black swimsuit.

But all that hard work came crashing down when her account was closed by the social media giant. Wolanski claimed it was shut down after she had been hacked — a revelation she made whereas working out on a treadmill after the “craziest 24 hours” of her life.

But after pulling a prank estimated to be worth around $4 million she additionally has a large social profile to leverage.
Wolanski swimsuit had Vitaly Uncensored written across it and the adult website, run by her YouTuber boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, currently has over 32 million registered users.
Zdorovetskiy has his own history of daring exploits — he invaded the pitch during the 2014 World Cup final and was later banned from attending football matches.

However, the Russian-American internet star — that currently plans to marry his girlfriend — got past security at the Wanda Metropolitano simply by wearing a fake blonde beard.
He was up in the stands filming the action when his model girlfriend burst onto the pitch during the first half.
Wolanski was able to get all the thanks to the halfway line before finally being accosted by security.
And she even joked she managed to distract Spurs star Harry Winks with her eye-catching antics.

Wolanski clearly holds no regrets over what she did. She wrote to her 55,000 new Twitter followers: “Do things that scare you, go outside your comfort zone. I live for the moments that make my heart race.”
Wolanski was taken off the pitch by security and held by cops before being released — with her boyfriend slapping her on the bum. Loved-up Zdorovetskiy bragged afterwards: “That ass is known now.”

It remains to be seen whether or not the overnight sensation will go on to become a permanent celebrity.
But at least UEFA saw the funny side of the prank. Wolanksi showed off an honorary ticket given to her by someone working in the company as a lifelong reminder of the night she became famous.

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